Dr. Dan Siegel's Mindsight Institute

Course Roadmap for Mental Health Professionals

*All Courses Eligible for CE Credit
BEGINNER MOL 101: IPNB from the Inside Out: An Overview of Interpersonal Neurobiology (8 hours)
MH 151 Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice (2 hours)
** Series 100: Foundations of Mindsight & Interpersonal Neurobiology(32 hours)
MH 156 Why Psychotherapy Works (10 hours)
INTERMEDIATE MOL 201: Clinical Assessment (8 hours)
MH 250 Interpersonal Neurobiology in Therapy (3.5 hours)
MH 251 Psychotherapy from the Inside Out: The Brain of the Mindful Therapist (3.75 hours)
** Series 200: Clinical Applications of Mindsight & Interpersonal Neurobiology(32 hours)
ADVANCED MOL 301: Teaching and Learning from the Inside Out (8 hours) ** Series 300: Teaching Mindsight & Interpersonal Neurobiology (32 hours)


**Earn a Certificate of Completion by completing any one of our three 32 hour Series