The Interpersonal Neurobiology of the Developing Mind

This brief and dynamic overview of the interdisciplinary field of Interpersonal Neurobiology, provides and engaging presentation for a range of professionals focusing on early child development, the nature of the mind and a way of defining well-being and mental health.  Focusing on the science of development, this overview provides a useful introduction for anyone helping children, adolescents, and adults develop and grow toward well-being.  Basic elements of brain anatomy and development, neuroplasticity and the impact of experience on brain function and epigenetic regulation, and the cross-generational passage of trauma and its lasting impact on families.   Exploring a definition of the mind, this interactive discussion highlights how the mind develops within relationships and from brain function, how the interaction of brain and relationships can be understood through the lens of a process called integration—the linkage of differentiated parts of a system, and how experience can shape this integrative process.

The outcome of integrative relationships stimulating the growth of integration in the brain itself leads to an understanding of the regulatory integrative processes, derived from the linkage of differentiated areas of the brain, that involve the monitoring and modifying of such processes as attention, emotion, memory, and morality.  Diving into a systems view of development, the concepts explored here apply to early child development programs and any other forms of mental health supportive interventions that seek to build their foundations on science.

  • Study the fundamental principles of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), a transdiciplinary scientific framework
  • Gain exciting new insights into how we can view relationships and the brain as the source of our mental lives
  • Learn how interpersonal and neurological processes interact across the lifespan to shape who we are

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