This is a two-hour seminar for parents. Click here if you're interested in the 10-hour seminar for Mental Health Professionals on this material.


In this innovative program, New York Times bestselling author Daniel J. Siegel and parent educator Mary Hartzell help parents deepen their understanding of the parent/child relationship.


They draw upon exciting research in the fields of neurobiology and attachment from their book, Parenting from the Inside Out, to explain how interpersonal relationships directly affect the development of the brain.


Together, Siegel and Hartzell delicately peel back the many layers of parenting and reveal the pure nature of the relationship at its core.

  1. How We Remember
  2. Perceiving Reality
  3. How We Feel
  4. How We Communicate
  5. How We Attach
  6. Making Sense of Our Lives
  7. Keeping it Together
  8. Connecting
  9. Mindsight
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You may watch the video as often as you like and it will remain in your library forever.

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This is a streaming video that you can view on any modern web browser anywhere you have an internet connection. 

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We currently do not sell this video in a downloadable format or as a DVD.

  • Who is the video intended for?

This video is intended for parents, grandparents, teachers, educators, and anyone who lives and/or works with children.





2 hours


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Unraveled attachment in such an effortless way. Thank you [Dan and Mary] for sharing your knowledge with us.
K. Green
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Such relevant material to my clinical practice as well as my personal life. Valuable for all parents and professionals alike.
B. Tran
Ontario, Canada