MESA 178

The Latest Neuroscience Applied: From Neuroplasticity to Neural Integration

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  • Immerse yourself in the latest neuroscience underlying emotional and social intelligence

    • Hear Dan's synthesis of the emerging scientific research and trends in the multi-disciplinary field of interpersonal neurobiology
    • Learn how neural integration leads to well-being
    • Be ready to apply what you learn to your professional and personal life right away, as Dan makes scientific concepts easily accessible.
    • Students and interns receive a 30% discount
  • Online benefits for all participants:

    • Watch the videotaped lectures at your convenience as often as you like, no deadline!
    • Connect with your peers and continue the conversation after the lecture in our online community
  • Session 1:

    Lecture 1: Mindful Awareness and Neuroplasticity
    Lecture 2: Applied Neuroscience Part 1: The impact of genes and epigenetic regulation on neural development
    Lecture 3: Applied Neuroscience Part 2: The connectome and neural integration
    Lecture 4: Thinking, Deciding, and Behaving
    Lecture 5: Attachment Inspired Psychotherapy

    Session 2:

    Lecture 6: The Adolescent Mind and the Journey into Adulthood
    Lecture 7: Drug Experimentation, PTSD Treatment, and “Spiritual Transformation”
    Lecture 8: Autism and Social Cognition Challenges
    Lecture 9: Presence, Attunement, and Resonance in our Relationships
    Lecture 10: Cultural Evolution and Mindsight

  • Is a student/intern discount offered?

    Yes, we offer a 30% discount with your ID. Please email for more details.

    How do I earn CE Credits?

    You can earn 10 hours of CE Credit per session for a total of 20 hours for completion of both sessions.

    How do I take the test to earn CE Credits?

    Please email to request the test. The test is available at the end of each session.

    When do I get my CE Certificate?

    We process all certificates in February, June, and October.

    What technology do I need to watch the lectures online?

    The videos can be viewed on most browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

    Can I watch the lectures online using a MAC, iPad, or Tablet?

    Yes! You can watch the videos on the device of your choice as long as you have an internet connection.

    Can I download the lectures?

    The lectures are not downloadable; however, you can stream them on any device that has an internet connection -- as often as you like and at your convenience.

    Is this a clinical group?

    The purpose of this series is for educational and professional development.This is not a process, therapy or clinical supervision group.

  • Duration
    20 Hours
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    Video Stream
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    All Levels
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    IPNB Applications
  • CE Credits
    20 CE Credits Available